Maths is an essential tool for our everyday life.  At Woodsetts we believe that all children should have daily access to fun, lively and engaging lessons. Did you know that on average we use all four calculation operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in our everday lives?


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Welcome to the Maths Area!

 Here you will find useful ideas, resources and webpages that will support you and child during their journey through our school!

Maths takes place each day in every classroom for around an hour. Children are given opportunities to practise different elements of Numeracy with Friday being used for investigations.

Ever wonder how to help your child with their maths calculations?

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Calculation policy

Mental calculation policy

Important Information: Self-help videos demonstrating each calculation are available by clicking the image below.

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Percy Parker



 Times tables

The key to many mathematical questions are by knowing the times tables up to 12 x 12 by heart.  In school we have a times table of the month to learn.  At the end of the month each child is tested and a celebration assembly follows.  Certificates are awared, to achieve a bronze award children must know their table in order.  To achieve a silver award children must know their table out of order.  To achieve a gold award children must know their table out of order and with some division skills.

In school we sing and learn these tables using Percy Parker.  Sing your times tables with Percy Parker is an exciting alternative to traditional methods of learning the times tables. Children join in with the charismatic Percy Parker and his band as they sing entertaining, memorable songs about each times table.


You Tube demo:

To purchase your own CD:

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Alternatively the children have access to Tables of Doom, click the link to find out log in details: Tables of Doom



Homework for mathematics is set each week by class teachers using the My Maths webpage. Each class teacher tailors the homework to the needs of the children and in line with work that has been covered in class throughout that week.

For ease, My Maths can be accessed through both computers and tablets.

Username- woodsetts

Password- circle





When your child logs on to use Bug Club, look what activities have now been allocated to them to enhance their learning in Numeracy! In line with teaching in the classroom, tutorials, games and activities can be used to reinforce learning at home. This is done in a fun and informative way that allows children to earn tokens and build their own worlds!


Check out school diaries or ask your child's teacher for any further information.



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BBC Bitesize KS2



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