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The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their achievements with the rest of the school in assembly.  We have a lot of talented children at Woodsetts Primary School.  Keep up the good work!


Here are some photographs of our very talented children showing off thier certificates, medals and trophies - all the way from Foundation Stage 2 through to Class 6.








To download a PDF of activities available in Rotherham, please click on the image on the left.




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We believe that all children are entitled to make the greatest progress possible through the provision of a stimulating and challenging curriculum and as such we are commited to responding to, promoting and celebrating high levels of achievment, both social and academic, within school and in the local community.

We want children to:

*Believe in themselves

*Have high aspirations and a desire to learn and excel

*Achieve their potential by having access to a broad and balanced curriculumm matched to their ability and needs

What is a gifted pupil?

A gifted pupil is one who demonstrates ability, or the potential to perform at a significantly higher level than most pupils of the same age in one or more subject areas.

What is a talented pupil?Image result for talented

A talented pupil is one who performs well in specific fields of art, music, PE, sport or drama or shows an exceptional talent such as leadership, creative imagination or social maturity.

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