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 We teach Geography through cross-curricular links.  We teach Geography from first hand experiences (trips or schools outside environment).We teach Geography in an interactive way through role play areas and small worlds.  We research Geography using a range of sources (book, internet, visitors, etc). Work is presented in a variety of formats (Video, pictures, PowerPoint, artwork, writing, etc). 

Geography is a cornerstone of the new curriculum and children have enjoyed learning interesting skills such as map work and where villages get their names from.


Geography School Overview


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



Routes around school grounds

Route to Anston Stones

Anston/Woodsetts features

UK & Australia

UK countries and cities


Continents for YWP animals


Where food comes from

Whitby & New Zealand/Tahiti/Hawaii

Antarctic & Equator

Israel, Egypt & Bible places

Nottingham Forest Ordnance Survey map

Countries – other health services


UK countries and cities


Compare counties of UK to tribal map

Countries of GB and Roman Empire

Compare settlements and land use

Routes of Tudor explorers

Drake – Spain and Americas

Compass and 4-figure grid reference

Climate zones

Compare UK and California




Famous rivers

River Thames

River Nile

Compass and 4-figure grid reference

Countries of Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

Compare counties to Danelaw Britain

Where does food come from?


Equator and Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn

GMT and time zones

Climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts

Famous mountains

Climate change – polar region

Tropical region – conservation of rainforest

Pollution and alternative energy

Water cycle





South Africa, USA and India

6-figure grid reference

Fair Trade

Distribution of wealth, population, food

Countries of EU and United Nations

Compare land use (Victorian and present)

UK cities

Traffic survey

Draw a plan


Compare UK and Mexico

Volcanoes and earthquakes

Pacific Ring of Fire

Countries in WW1 or WW2

Plot advancement of troops across world

Compare map of the world (Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction to present)



 To view the Geography policy please click on the image below.




 Horrible History

At Woodsetts /Brook Federation we teach history through cross-curricular topics. First and foremost it is used in Literacy where children learn the fundamental aspects of the topic. We teach History from first hand experiences such as trips or artefacts. We use fun resources, such as horrible histories, to engage learners and we teach history in an interactive way through role play areas (children should be encouraged to dress up in role) and small worlds in KS1.  We like to begin a topic by using a timeline appropriate to the class, ensuring the subject is relevant to pupils. We have a whole school display which shows children their topic in chronological order to provide children with a deeper understanding. This timeline also involves other important aspects of world history and will be added to as other interesting information comes to light.

We have embedded a 'magic moment' scheme into the current curriculum which builds on the 50 things approach we introduced last year. This ensures class visits and classroom activities include moments that all children will experience throughout their school career. We also have books that the children will carry though their school life where these magic moments can be recorded.

If parents/carers have any items of historical interest at home, school would gladly welcome any donations of artefacts and books to help build our topic collections, especially topical dressing up clothes.

Suggested Significant Historical Individual/Event School Overview

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

FS Cycle 1

Usain Bolt

Guy Fawkes

Gunpowder Plot

George Stevenson

Wright Brothers

Karl Benz

David Attenborough


Jacques Cousteau

FS Cycle 2

Queen Elizabeth II and current Royal Family

Gustave Eiffel

William Lamb

Building of Eiffel Tower & Empire State Building


David Cameron

Barack Obama

St. George

Jamie Oliver

Grace Darling



Earl of Effingham

Great Fire of London

James Braidwood

Bonfire Night




Captain Cook

Tall Ships Races




St Paul

Mother Teresa

Robin Hood

Sheriff of Nottingham

Maid Marian

Little John

Friar Tuck

Guy of Gisbourne


Florence Nightingale

Mary Seacole

Louis Pasteur

Great Plague of London

Jamie Oliver’s Projects


William the Conqueror

Battle of Hastings

Henry II

Thomas Beckett

Murder in the Cathedral

Mother Shipton

Elizabeth II

Present Royal Family


Stone Henge

Summer/Winter Solstice

Julius Caesar


Roman Invasion


Scot’s Invasion

Anglo-Saxon Invasion

Richard III

Henry Tudor (Henry VII)

War of the Roses

Princes Imprisoned in Tower

Battle of Bosworth

Sir Walter Raleigh

Christopher Columbus

Sir Francis Drake

Henry VIII

William Shakespeare



Howard Carter

Viking Invasion

Alfred the Great


Edward the Confessor

Helen Keller

Exxon Valdez Oil Spillage


Isaac Newton

Space Race

Yuri Gagarin

Valentia Tereshkova

Alexei Leonov

Man on Moon

Neil Armstrong

Buzz Aldrin

Helen Sharman



Alexander the Great

Olympic Games

Nelson Mandela

End of Apartheid

Martin Luther King Junior

Rosa Parks

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Mahatma Gandhi

National Days

Queen Victoria

Industrial Revolution

Dr Barnardo


Pakal the Great

Montezuma II

Hernan Cortez

Discovery of chocolate

Winston Churchill

Adolf Hitler

Benito Mussolini


Jozef Stalin

Charles de Gaulle

F.D. Roosevelt

General Eisenhower

Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery

Battle of Britain

D Day

Pearl Harbour

Atomic Bombs


Archduke Franz Ferdinand

David Lloyd George

Edith Cavell

Lord Kitchener

Christmas Day Truce

Battle of the Somme

League of Nations

Remembrance Day

Charles Darwin

Extinction of the Dinosaurs


  To view the History policy please click on the image below.


Religious Education


 To encourage learning about other faiths and cultures in a bid to foster greater understanding and community harmony, all classes follow the Rotherham SACRE programme to ensure children are aware of the 6 main religions and the important philosophical questions to consider. Also we have a World Religions Day where each class focuses on the main teachings of one religion and responds to an important aspect to people who follow that religion. For example year 4 study the 8 fold path of Buddhism and the symbolism of the Lotus flower to Buddhist people.

A whole school Collective Worship takes place weekly on a Monday which relates to global understanding of religion or philosophy such as human rights. At the end of singing and hymn practise, a brief collective worship is carried out plus a reflection on current affairs after news assemblies on Thursdays.  Each classroom has a reflection area to allow the children time to consider spiritual thoughts.

In a bid to adoptive greater understanding of other religions and cultures, visitors from a variety of religions are invited in to talk and interact with our children. Visitors from the local Bible study group ‘Open the Book’ share stories from the Bible through re-enacting them. This is a fun way for the children to learn key biblical stories. The school visits the local church in the village for key events such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter.


RE School Overview


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



How do we celebrate special times? (Christmas, weddings, christenings, birthdays)


How do we celebrate special times? (Easter)




Myself, Who Am I?

Celebrating Christmas

Stories of Jesus

Stories of Jesus

Stories About Moses

Jewish Celebration

Sacred Place: Church, Synagogue



Where do Jews and Christians Belong? Where do I Belong?

Why are some People Leaders?

Why are some People Leaders?

Questions About God

Symbols of Easter?

Creation and Thanksgiving

Stories About Jesus Being Fair



Christian Stories: What Makes Jesus an Inspiring Leader?

How and why do Hindu People Worship their Gods and Godesses at Home and in the Mandir?

Christian Worship: How and Why do some People find Peace and Strength by Belonging to a Church?


Christian and Hindu answers to questions: What is God like? What matters most in life? What happens when we die?

How do Christians and Hindus use art, buildings, symbols and music in worship and community life?


Christian Values: What matters most to Christians and what matters most to me?



What difference do the 5 Pillars of Islam make to Muslim Children’s lives?

Why are there now over 50 mosques in Yorkshire?

How and why do Christians try to live by the Bible?





Religions in the local community: What will make Rotherham a more tolerant and respectful place?

Muslims and Christians: Who is inspiring?

Beliefs and actions in the world: Can Christian Aid and Islamic Relief change the world?


To view the RE policy please click on the image below.


Christmas Christingles


During Christmas week we had great fun making Christingles! We started the day with an exciting assembly with Woodsetts Church, where we found out about the meaning of Christingles. Then we went back to class and together we made our festive Christingles. Take a look at our pictures below to see the fun we had!

Autumn 2016

Lot of exciting things have happened in school this term. To begin, we had a wonderful collection for the harvest festival – thankyou everyone for your donations! Early in the term we were lucky to have a visit from Open the Book who told us all about the Harvest Festival and why we celebrate this. During November we have also been wearing Poppies in aid of Remembrance Day. At Woodsetts Primary we know it is important to remember those who sacrificed their lives for us.
Year 2 were also very lucky to have the chance to visit a church this half term. While they were there they explored the different parts of the church, and were even able to stand in the pulpit and ring the bell!



Y2 have been learning about the Good Samaritan. Once we had learned about the story we thought about how we could be helpful, and made some helpful hands.

Easter at our school

Take a look at all of the exciting things we got up to during Easter at our school. We went on an exciting Easter egg hunt, made our own Easter eggs and had a lovely service at church.


Easter at our school



Take a look at all of the exciting things we got up to during Easter at our school. We went on an exciting Easter egg hunt, made our own Easter eggs and had a lovely service at church.



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