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Welcome to the year four website page. This is where you will find interesting information, homework help and all sorts of other useful tips. Remember to follow our tweets and see who is reaching for the stars. We all love our learning and strive to do our best. Please do not hestitate to contact me via email or pop or into class for a quick word or to arrange a meeting.



Visit Manchester Museum Friday 29th September

Autumn Term 1 - Awful Egyptians

3000 years ag, long before the Greeks and Romans came to power, some 'Phantastic Pharoahs' reigned over Egypt.........

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Thursday 7th and Friday 8th   September 2017  Immersion Day  

We travelled  back in time and come to school dressed as Ancient Egyptians. I know you will look so amazing. I am so excited about our new topic. 

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Children have their personal log and password in their  homework diaries.

Please log onto

Login Woodsetts Password circle

Then log into the Portal with personal log (digits) and password (letters)



Summmer Week 3 Please continue with Booster sessions.


Summer  1 Week 4  x4 x8 Distributive Law

Please complete by May 30th


Summer  1 Week 3 Rounding and Decimals

Please complete by May 20th


Spring 2 Week 4 Two way Graphs

Please complete by March 27th

 Spring 2 Week 3 Data and Negative Numbers 

 Please complete by March 27th

Spring 2 Week 2 Fractions

Please complete by March 20th

Spring  2 Week 1 Roman Numerals

Please complete by March 10th

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Please learn your spellings. You will be tested every Friday. What could the five mystery words be? Good luck everyone!

The words in red are the year 4 tricky words.



Spellings Summer 2  Week 3

Spelling Rule: Possessives  

1. boys pencils. 2. children's pencils 3. dogs' food 4. boy's 5. Bertie's lion 6. Thomas' pen.


Spellings Summer 2  Week 2

Spelling Rule:f spelt ph 

1. physical 2. phone 3. photograph 4. though 5. although




Spellings Summer 1  Week 4

Spellings Summer 1  Week 3

Test 12.5.17

Spelling Rule: Changing nouns

1. mathematic – mathematician 2. music- musician 3.politic – politician

 4. surprise 5. therefore

Spellings Summer 1  Week 2

Test 5.5.17

Spelling Rule: change verbs to nouns add 'sion'

1. expand - expansion 2. extend - extension 3.tense - tension 

4. strength 5. suppose



Spellings Summer 1  Week 1

Tricky Words



Spellings Spring 2  Week 5

Test  7.4.17

Spelling Rule: Suffix: tion

    1. pollution 2.injection 3.hesitation

4. straight 5. strange



Spellings Spring 2  Week 4

Test  31.3.17

Spelling Rule: Suffix: tion

     1. ambition 2.description 3.caution 4. library  5. mention

Spellings Spring 2  Week 3

Test  24.3.17

Spelling Rule: Suffix: -ous

Usual 'ious' spelling

     1. anxious 2.contagious 3.obvious 4. interest  5. island


Spellings Spring 2  Week 2

 Test 10.3.17

Spelling Rule: suffix ‘-ous’ : don’t change e to i if ‘ge’

 1. corageous 2.advantageous 3.gorgeous 4. material    5. medicine

Spellings Spring 2  Week 1 

 Test 3.3.17

Spelling Rule: suffix 'ous'

 1. humour - humorous 2.glamour - glamorous  3.vigour- vigorous 4. increase    5. important


Spellings Spring 1  Week 7

Test  17.2.17

Spelling Rule: Suffix: change e to -ly (adj to adv)

1. true-truly 2. due-duly 3. whole-wholly 4. inactive  5. trouble



Spellings Spring 1  Week 4

Test  3.2.17

Spelling Rule: Suffix- ation (changes verbs to nouns)

1. animate-animation  2. prepare-preparation 3.adore-adoration  4. reign    5. remember


Spellings Spring 1  Week 3

Test  27.1.17

Spelling Rule: Prefix: ir - (not)

     1. irrational 2.irresponsible 3.irresistible 4. recent    5. regular

Spellings Spring 1  Week 2

Test  20.1.17

Spelling Rule: Prefix: il - (not)

     1. impossible 2.immobile 3.immovable 4. minute   

5. question




Spellings Spring 1  Week 1

Please learn the tricky words in your homework folders.



Spellings Autumn 2 Week  5 and 6

Christmas Weeks - N0 Spellings




Spellings Autumn 2 Week 4

Test  2.12.16

Spelling Rule: Prefix: il - (not)

     1. illegal 2.illiterate 3.inaudible 4. purpose   

5. quarter

Spellings Autumn 2 Week 3

Test  24.11.16

Spelling Rule: Prefix: in - (not)

     1. inedible 2.inaccurate 3.inaudible 4. probably   

5. promise

Spellings Autumn 2 Week 2

Test  18.11.16

Spelling Rule: Prefix: self- (auto)

1. autograph 2.automobile 3.autobiography 4. potatoes 5. pressure


Spellings Autumn 2 Week 1

Test  4.11.16

Spelling Rule: Prefix: super- (above)

1. supersonic 2. supermarket 3.superstar 4. popular 5. subtract


Spellings Week 7

Test 21.10.16

Spelling Rule: Prefix: inter- (between)

        1. interconnect 2. international  3. interrupt

   4. perhaps  5. perculiar


Spellings Week 6

Test 14.10.16

Spelling Rule: Prefix: sub- (under)

        1. subdivide 2. subheading  3. submarine  

   4. ordinary  5. particular

Year 3 Words

Accident, accidentally, actual, actually, address, answer, appear, arrive, believe, bicycle, breath, breathe, build, busy/business, calendar, caught, centre, century, certain, circle, complete, consider, continue, decide, describe, different, difficult, disappear, early, earth, eighth, exercise, experience, experiment, extreme, famous, favourite, February, forward, fruit, grammar, group, guard, guide, heart, height, history, imagine, increase, important, interest, island.

Year 4 Words

Knowledge, learn, length, library, material, medicine, mention, minute, natural, naughty, notice, occasion, occasionally, opposite, ordinary, particular, perhaps, popular, position, possess, possession, possible, potatoes, pressure, probably, promise, purpose, quarter, question, recent, regular, reign, remember, sentence, separate, special, straight, strange, strength, suppose, surprise, therefore, though, although, thought, through, various, weight.


Autumn Term 2 - Sensational Senses

Do you have your costume ready?






Do you have an exciting science demonstration to share with the class?



Make your own musical instrument

(10++ points)


Find out what ‘vibration’ means

(5 points)


Write some instructions on how to make an instrument

(15 points)


Write how each instrument makes sound-what vibrates

(5 points each)

Sensational Senses

Write a biography about Helen Keller

(30 points)


Write a report about teeth: Incisors, molars, and canines.

(20 points)


Write diary entry of someone who is deaf.

(20 points)


With your eyes closed, draw/paint a picture.

(10 points)


Want to do your own sound project? Go for it!

( ? Points)

Sensational Senses Homework Projects

As well as practicing number bonds to 20 and times tables, reading books, Bugclub, Lexia, RM Maths Mymaths, and spelling,



We have a science based theme this half term with a focus on the senses. We  link our literacy to the topic and have a heavily science based curriculum experimenting with hearing and the digestive system (eaugh!- nose plugs to be advised!).

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Autumn Term 1 - Awful Egyptians


3000 years ag, long before the Greeks and Romans came to power, some 'Phantastic Pharoahs' reigned over Egypt.........

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Thursday 8th September  Immersion Day  

We travelled  back in time and come to school dressed as Ancient Egyptians. Well done everyone for looking so amazing. I am so excited about our new topic. 



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We are writing Newspaper Articles.

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Reading 'R'oscars


Read three times a week and race around our Reading Racetrack. Get onto the red carpet and win your first Roscar. Some lucky children are busy ordering their outfits for the red carpet. Friday's recommendation by Nicole and Jasmin is The Famous Five.



SPaG Homework - Active Learn

  'Punctuating dialogue using Inverted Commas'





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This month's tables for Percy Parker tables are X4.

Will you go for Bronze, Silver or Gold?



Autumn Term 2  - 'Sensational Senses'

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Spring Term 1 - 'Vicious Vikings'


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In the weeks leading up to Christmas, our work will focus on the fascinating lives of the Vikings.

We will look at famous Vikings, such as the ferocious Erik the Red, the gods that they worshipped, such as the mighty Thor, their raids on Europe and harsh lives in Scandinavia.

We welcome our 'Viking Visitor', who has a fun afternoon of Viking activities for the children to enjoy.

In Literacy, we will produce:

 A biography of Erik the Red

A playscript based on the Viking Gods

In Mathematics, we will look at:





 Spring - Term 2

Planet Protectors - Extreme Exploration 


This half term sees the start of our ‘Planet Protectors’ topic, which will continue for the rest of the year.

For the first few weeks, we will focus on ‘Mountains’, including a detailed study of Edmund Hillary’s quest to become the first to climb Mount Everest.



 Summer 1 Planet Protectors: Brilliant Biomes

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Having looked at a few very extreme places and the weather and wildlife that make up those biomes, we're continuing our Planet Protectors topic by looking into other more common but very important biomes: including our own temperate deciduous forests; and the 'lungs of the planet' -  the tropical rainforests.


Summer 2  - Planet Protectors: Power to Protect

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The world we live in uses electricity for nearly everything we do, and this is causing all sorts of problems. This Term we're looking at how our love of electricity is destroying our world, and the amazing things that are being done to protect the planet!







Autumn 1

Awful Egyptians

 Manchester Children's   Museum

Autumn 2

Super Senses

 Its all normal

Disability Workshop @ Woodsetts Primary



Spring 1

Viscious Vikings

 Viking Workshop @ Woodsetts Primary

Spring 2

Planet Protectors

Tropical World

Summer 1


Summer 2

Carsington Water










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